solar panels on roof

Black vs Blue Solar Panels

When researching your options for solar panels, you may notice that some panels are black and some are blue. Beyond having distinct looks, these colors do make a difference in how they function. Knowing the differences between black and blue solar panels will help you make an informed choice for your home.

Let’s discuss the main differences between black and blue solar panels and the pros and cons to each. By the end of this article, you should be confident in which solar panel color is right for you.

Blue Solar Panels and their Benefits

Solar panels that are blue in color are made up of tiny silicon crystals. Polycrystalline solar panels waste very little silicon during the production process and are less expensive because of this. If you’re looking to reduce the costs of your solar panel system, as most homeowners are, blue panels are a good option.

The downside to blue solar photovoltaic panels is that they are less effective than black ones. Still, this doesn’t stop homes and businesses from installing them. Because of their cost effectiveness and decent efficiency, about 90 percent of solar panels on the market today are polycrystalline.

Let’s recap the benefits of installing blue solar panels:

  • Less intensive production process
  • Lower prices for installers and consumers
  • Characteristic glimmering look

Black Solar Panels and their Benefits

Black photovoltaic panels are made from single-crystal silicon known as monocrystalline. These solar panels are extremely efficient and function well in low light conditions. Because of their efficiency, you need fewer black panels. If you’re working with limited space, black solar panels are a practical solution.

Black panels tend to be pricier than blue ones, but you don’t need as many. So, if you like the streamlined appearance of black panels and value their efficiency, it’s worth looking into the price difference. If may be a lot smaller than you think.

The main advantages to black panels are:

  • More efficient
  • High level of purity
  • Work well in low light conditions
  • Consume less space

Both Blue and Black Panels Will Get the Job Done

Installing either blue or black solar panels will drastically reduce your utility bills. So, you can’t go wrong with either choice. To make the best decision for your home, consider your needs and budget. Some homeowners don’t have a big rooftop and prefer the look of black solar panels. Other homeowners choose blue panels because they have the space and are working on a tight budget.

To discuss your options for a solar panel system that meets your preferences, contact Suntuity Solar today.