Suntuity Earth Day

Five Ways We Can All Celebrate the Earth

When you hear the phrase “save the planet,” what image does that conjure up for you? Perhaps you might think of recycling, or small electric cars, or a person grinning while tightly hugging a tree.

In honor of Earth Day, now celebrating its 49th year, we want to share some ways to appreciate the beautiful planet we live on and ensure that it’ll live on for generations to come.

Get educated on your environment

Do you live near a body of water? Have you always been fascinated by the forest behind your house? Or, maybe there’s that one desert you’ve always wanted to research but never had the time to. Well, Earth Day is the perfect day to take a deep dive. Learn if that area is in need of help and research how to help!

Go paperless

Earth Day Savings Tips

Sure, it’s fun getting mail — but nobody likes when their mail only consists of bills, right? On this Earth Day, check out all your accounts and make sure you select the option to receive digital bills and invoices. Doing so will save millions of trees a year.


Use public transportation

Challenge yourself! It’s definitely easier hopping in your car in the morning, blasting music as loud as possible (this author does!), and leisurely sipping coffee. For just one day, take the train, ride your bike, take the bus. One less car on the road is not only better for the environment, but it’s also less wear-and-tear on your own vehicle.

Turn your thumb green

Ever thought about starting your own garden? Wouldn’t it be cool to have fresh veggies at the ready? This Earth Day, plant something! It could be a flower, a tree, cucumbers — whatever your heart desires. Every little bit helps, and nothing feels better than helping a plant thrive and grow, knowing it was you making it happen every step of the way.

Go solar

Have you ever considered harnessing the energy of the sun? We’re talking about taking a metaphorical lasso, throwing it around the sun and using it to light up your life.

Suntuity is proud to share that since our formation in 2008, we have developed and deployed over 250 MW of solar PV! That’s the equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 45,041 passenger vehicles driven for one year. That’s also the equivalent to charging your smartphone 27,051,139,021 times, planting over 3.5 million mature trees and avoiding over 231 million pounds of burned coal. Try to wrap your head around that one!

Earth Day

If you think that your efforts don’t make a difference, just imagine what going solar can do for the Earth and the world around you.  Happy Earth Day!