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How Does Going Solar Actually Help the Environment?

One of the main motivations for installing a solar system is its ability to make the environment safer and healthier. Not only is this good for today’s families but also for future generations. But, exactly how does going solar help the environment?

The simplest answer is that solar power is a clean, renewable source of energy. Standard electricity, on the other hand, is made from burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil. Let’s look at the benefits of solar in more detail so that you can better understand its role in protecting and preserving our planet.

An Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Electricity is created in power plants by burning fossil fuels. The thermal energy is then created into electricity. As convenient as conventional electricity is, it comes at a price. Consider that fossil fuels destroy land and wildlife habitats, pollute our water systems, emit harmful pollutants into the air and speed up the global warming crisis. Continuing to rely on fossil fuels could spell major trouble for our planet (it already is).

Solar power eliminates all of these problems because it comes from a renewable resource ─ the sun. The sun provides energy that is free and abundant. In fact, if we could capture all of the sun’s energy that shines down on Earth for one hour, we would have enough energy to power the world for a year! Incredible! Not a single fossil fuel would be needed, improving our waterways and wildlife habitats.

Decreased Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Generating electricity using the sun significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions, in particular, carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gases are produced when fossil fuels are burned. These gases absorb and emit radiant energy that warm the planet’s surface. This can have a number of effects on our planet, such as rising sea levels and melting glaciers.

The best way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions is by limiting fossil fuels. This can only be done if we start using alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar. As a matter of fact, if people switched from fossil fuels to solar cells, air pollution would be cut by nearly 90%!

Less Pollutants in the Air

Another environmental benefit of going solar is that far less pollutants are released into the air. Burning fossil fuels puts all types of pollutants into the atmosphere, including sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions causing severe environmental impact. While these contaminants aren’t good for any human, they can be especially harmful to those who have allergies, asthma or weakened immune systems. Also, research confirms that increased pollutants in the air are linked to chronic bronchitis, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular problems and lost workdays.

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