NET ZERO HOME PROJECT powered by Suntuity Home

The Suntuity Team has been working tirelessly to announce the latest and greatest new project, a one-of-a-kind Net Zero Home (https://netzerohomeproject.com), powered solely with renewable energy and sponsored by our home services division (https://suntuityhome.com).

When construction is complete in early 2021, the home will operate as a completely self-sustaining LEED Platinum certified home that meets ENERGY STAR® and Department of Energy requirements. This is the first home within a large area of New Jersey being built with ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms), a product designed and engineered to be energy-efficient and disaster resilient to build air-tight walls and a solid, unshakeable foundation. The use of Helix® Micro Rebar™ poured directly into the concrete cylinder adds additional strength within the walls.

To further practice energy efficient, low-cost and low-carbon operations, 98% of the home will feature LED lighting fixtures, and the roof will hold (90) solar panels with (8) 7-kilowatt Tesla batteries for backup storage in the garage. With the projected kilowatt-hours of the solar system alone, this Net Zero home will produce enough clean air to offset the pollution from over 63+M miles driven by the average vehicle every year.

Full Environmental Benefits of The Net Zero Home:

    • 100% solar powered with 90 panels & 8 Tesla storage batteries
    • 93 kilowatt solar thermal heating system for primary heating needs
    • Backup geothermal heating system & hybrid heat pump when needed
    • 98% cost-effective LED lighting
    • Rain catchment system to collects & recycle up to 40,000 gallons of water per year

This self-sustaining project will be completely off-grid. With an initial investment, the Net Zero home provides significant savings to the homeowner over time:

Utility Savings Over 25 Years:


Average Yearly Utility Savings:


To follow the progress of our Net Zero home construction step-by-step, check out social media and the website:


Net Zero Home Project