Solar Energy by Region: Where is Solar Energy Use Most Prominent and Why?

As a whole, the United States has strong solar potential. Some states see more sun than others, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t good candidates for solar power. In addition to the weather, many states have policies that support solar power. States with solar energy incentives are more likely to have an increase in PV system installations.

Let’s take a look at where solar energy use is most prominent based on our nation’s four regions: Northeast, Midwest, South, and West.

The Northeast

The Northeast is comprised of New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Though this part of the country doesn’t see as many sunny days as the South or West, it has become one of the largest markets for solar panel power in the United States.

Part of the reason why the Northeast region is seeing explosive growth is because they pay some of the highest costs of electricity in the nation. Lower energy costs and progressive incentives are luring more home and business owners toward solar energy.

The Midwest

The Midwest solar industry is growing, though it has had a slower start compared to other regions. Part of the reason for this is the lower energy costs and lack of demand from the public. Plus, the odds are tipped in favor of the utility companies. That said, the Midwest is slowly but surely starting to see the benefits of going solar.

As of 2018, the Midwest had 714,257 clean energy jobs. As electric prices go up an average of five percent each year, solar power is sparking an interest in more people. Solar power continues to go down in price, and coupled with incentives and leasing options, it can be extremely affordable for everyday families.

The South

Even with all of its sun, the South has been a bit slower to adopt solar energy. Five years ago, there were only 200 watts of solar online. According to a recent article, the South is finally warming up to the idea of solar energy. This region has increased its solar capacity by thirtyfold in the past five years. By 2021, the Southern states are expected to surpass 15,000 megawatts in solar power.

The West

Solar power is booming in states like California, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. The year-round sunshine is a huge plus, but the Western states also boast flat deserts and wide-open spaces that are perfect for large solar farms. The Western region has had a slower start, but this is quickly changing. Thanks to new technology, clean energy is more accessible and affordable on the West Coast.

The United States is a great home to solar power, so almost any state has the potential to be a solar energy powerhouse. To find out if your home qualifies for solar, as well as the incentives that you are eligible for, contact Suntuity Solar today.