Solar Makes “Zero Energy” Homes a Reality

Thanks to federal and state incentives, there has never been a better time to switch to residential solar. Be it for the cost savings, environmental responsibilities, or both, solar power has never been as competitive and affordable as it is today. 


But there are other factors to consider when making the switch to solar. Should you put solar panels on your home, or buy into community solar? Is solar only viable in sunshine states (here’s a hint)? And perhaps most importantly for homeowners – will solar panels make my house harder to sell? 


The short answer is not at all. The long answer is that solar panel homes actually sell for more than non-solar equivalents.


According to research from online real estate database Zillow, homes with solar power are selling for approximately 4% higher on average than comparable homes without solar power. This is a huge win for many housing developers who doubled down on solar panels and energy efficiency, especially in California where solar panels will soon be required on all new homes.

That may seem extreme, but the science, technology, and overall home and energy value is hard to argue. These new houses, dubbed “Zero Energy” homes, can save upwards of $19k in energy costs over 30 years.


“Zero Energy” homes, which can have a net energy output of zero if solar panels are installed, are built with energy efficiency in mind. They include high-quality windows, extra insulation, and more to truly be run entirely from solar power alone. 


Naturally homeowners can add to their own energy outputs, but the fact that solar energy has reached net outputs of “zero” with panels as small as residential installations signifies the beginning of a new era for the solar energy industry. This change to the effectiveness of residential solar is drastically impacting the home energy sector. While past solar efficiencies were only reserved for those wanting to help the environment, now the cost advantages match the environmental benefits with the advent of Zero Energy homes.

Now that solar panels produce as much energy as any given house needs, how will the next generation of solar technology further change the world?


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