Suntuity Solar expands Residential Solar Services into Massachusetts

Press release published by Suntuity Solar

Westfield, MA. 20 August 2015: Suntuity Solar is pleased to announce the commencement of Residential sales and installation services in the U.S. State of Massachusetts.

Unlike most other large solar providers, Suntuity Solar is not tied down to any specific finance or technology product. Its sales approach is consumer centric and its finance and technology offerings are customized for and in the best interest of each individual consumer. Furthermore due to the vertical integration and integrated services platform of its parent company Suntuity, it negates the need of any intermediaries which allows Suntuity Solar to able to offer high quality solar products and solutions at much lower prices.As a result, consumers can now have a technologically advanced solar panel system installed for their home with minimal or no upfront investment.

Furthermore, the Suntuity Solar website features a tool to help consumers request a customized proposal and schedule appointments with Suntuity Solar sales personnel with the click of a button, making the path to solar power an easier one. Through this service, Suntuity Solar hopes that it can empower consumers across the State of Massachusetts to rethink their options and make decisions in their best interest when it comes to the sourcing and use of electricity.

Suntuity Solar EVP, Robert Harrington, said: “We are very excited to bring our products and customer conscious philosophy to Massachusetts. Solar is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition, and in order for most companies to make a quick profit they forget what’s best for the customer. The companies that push consumers into a financial decision that benefits the salesperson and company long before the customer will be short lived. We want our customers to recommend us to everyone, tout their satisfaction, and that can only be accomplished with careful consideration on everyone’s part.”

About Suntuity Solar:
With a strong presence in multiple U.S. States and territories, Suntuity Solar (a Suntuity subsidiary) is positioned to deliver Best-in-Class finance and technology solutions to make Solar Power more accessible than ever before. For additional information, please visit: https://www.suntuitysolar.com

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