Suntuity Solar Provides Free Solar Power to Qualified New Jersey Homeowners

Suntuity Solar (https://suntuitysolar.com), one of the fastest-growing US residential solar energy solutions providers headquartered in central New Jersey, brings clean and affordable electricity options to homeowners across the nation.

In efforts to increase solar energy adoption among US homeowners and as a means to give back to its customers, Suntuity Solar has provided a select group of qualified New Jersey homeowners with free solar power from Company-owned systems for 25 years.

In addition to the standard environmental and financial benefits of switching to solar energy, the homeowners can now enjoy their new, cleaner source of power at no additional cost. These homeowners, like other Suntuity customers, are lowering the carbon footprint in their neighborhood while saving money on their utility bills each month.

Alda Buckingham of Lindenwold and Vincent Cream of Pennsauken both qualified for Suntuity Solar’s free solar power for life program and can now look forward to 25 years of solar power at no cost to them or their families. Bidirectional meters were also installed on both homes in order to process ‘net metering’ ─ a system that allows homeowners to earn utility credits when the solar systems overproduce. Those extra electricity credits can be used at night or during inclement weather.

“We have set ourselves apart from our competition,” said Suntuity Solar VP of Sales, Thomas Rodola. “As a company, we are driven by prioritizing ‘People, Planet and Profit’, and this is a great way for us to align ourselves with our morals and values. Everything we do today helps build a brighter future for tomorrow.”

Homeowners are eligible to lower their monthly utility bills and are encouraged to find out if solar is right for their home by visiting: https://www.suntuitysolar.com/save

About Suntuity Solar
Suntuity Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntuity and brings clean, affordable residential solar power to homeowners across the US. Suntuity, founded in 2008, is part of the Suntuity Group of companies that develops, finances, builds, owns and operates residential, commercial, and utility-scale renewable energy solutions around the world. The company is strategically positioned with industry-leading financing and technology that streamlines renewable energy as a viable energy alternative for several mainstream power options. With innovative financing solutions, in-depth technical expertise and a global presence, Suntuity consistently delivers best-in-class products, services and solutions. The Suntuity Group of companies cover multiple verticals in the renewable energy and technology space including financing, manufacturing, sourcing, EPCM, electrical and UAV drone services. For more information on the Suntuity Group, please visit https://suntuitygroup.com.

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