The Top 4 Reasons to Go Solar

Solar energy has advanced a lot over the past few decades. The use of solar energy is increasing by 35% per year, making it one of the fastest growing alternative energies in the world. The global climate change crisis means that using alternative energies like solar energy is more imperative than ever. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should go solar:

Global Climate Change

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, our over reliance on petroleum, petroleum-derived products and other fossil fuels such as natural gas is driving unprecedented climate change, which is causing environmental damage that will only worsen over the coming decades.

  • Even a 34.7°F rise in global temperatures above pre-industrial levels will cause unprecedented disasters, including longer droughts and increased floods.
  • A recently released report from the US Global Change Research Program states that climate change will cause thousands of deaths while also costing the economy hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps even 10% of GDP, over the next century.


Since the 1990s, solar power panels have increased in efficiency and better-designed storage batteries and systems. Currently, the best technology is available and will remain at this peak for the next several years.

  • Advances in solar power technology mean that less energy is lost, and any energy gained can be stored or put back into the energy grid.
  • The costs of different solar energy systems have decreased dramatically since the 1970s; adjusting for inflation, the costs of solar energy have decreased 99.9% per kilowatt hour.

Ease of Use

Investment in solar energy technology has made it more available for use by the average consumer. Additionally, government legislations have made it much more affordable to obtain.

  • Production of residential rooftop solar panels means that the average consumer can install panels on their home.
  • Current technology guarantees that solar panels will last over 25 years.

Money-saving, Money-earning

Because of their ease of use and low-cost efficiency, solar energy makes more sense for the consumer.

  • For most homeowners, solar can be little to nothing out of pocket.
  • The savings on energy bills represent a real return on investment; many consumers are even able to contribute to the energy grid, instead of just drawing off of it.

Given the current global environmental crisis and the economic advantages, it makes more sense to use solar energy as consumers. The financial and environmental payoffs remain unmatched.

Going solar is the future of energy.