solar energy

What Can Solar Energy Power?

A number of devices can be powered using solar energy, either directly or through solar cells. These range from commonly used home appliances to commercial machines. Through solar energy powered devices, you can reap the benefits of electricity while still taking care of the environment.

Outside of providing solar electricity to the home, here are some of the most innovative solar energy run items and appliances:

Solar Refrigerator

These are refrigerators that are designed to run on the energy dissipated directly from the sun. Some have inbuilt photovoltaic cells, while others have solar thermal energy units.

Such appliances run as efficiently as electricity-powered ones to preserve perishable food items. The main applications for solar refrigerators are in locations where normal AC power is not available.

Solar Notebook

Also known as solar laptop, it is a device that has a solar panel attached to it. The energy absorbed by the solar panel is used to recharge the laptop’s battery.

Some models of solar notebooks have a removable solar panel flap present on their body. Others may have external solar units connected to them along with a keyboard-shaped panel.

Solar Watch

Solar watches are powered completely or partially by a solar cell. They consist of a solar panel behind the crystal, which helps to absorb artificial light and sunlight. The dial of the watch is built on top of the panel, which converts the received light into electrical energy.

Apart from devices, solar energy can be converted to electricity to power many things in the home, from lights to fridges to washing machines. Installing a solar panel on the roof can significantly lower electricity bills and help reduce the carbon footprint of the household.