What You Have To Do To Maintain Your Solar Panels

There is little that can go wrong with solar panels because they have no moving parts. With their low maintenance, solar companies are usually confident about offering long warranties and maintenance packages that are included in the system costs. Still, it’s a good idea to give your solar panels some attention, as a bit of maintenance goes a long way in keeping your solar panels performing their best.

Let’s review the things you should to do maintain your solar panels through the seasons.

Pay Attention to Electrical Issues

Most issues that occur with solar panels are related to electrical issues, not the panels themselves. The best way to prevent electrical problems like wire corrosion is to hire a certified installation company.

At Suntuity Solar, our reliable installers are aware of the common electrical problems and know how to avoid them. With proper installation, your electrical wiring should last the lifetime of your panels.

Rinse for Dust and Pollen

Solar panels produce energy when the sun shines down on them. If there are obstructions, this can cut into energy production. Usually, a rainstorm will wash away dust, animal droppings and tree pollen, but if you live in a dusty area that hasn’t seen rainfall, this could be a problem. Use a garden hose or solar panel cleaning kit to rinse off the panels and keep them free of dust and debris.

Clean Leaves and Debris

Loose leaves and other vegetation can affect how much energy your solar panels produce. It’s recommended to trim back trees when having a system installed, but the branches can quickly grow back. If your roof is covered in leaves, use a broom or roof rake to remove them. Be careful about using wire brushes, however, as damage can occur and your warranty probably won’t cover it.

Remove Snow and Ice

If your area receives a lot of snowfall, you can use a broom or snow rake to remove the piles from your rooftop. How your panels are tilted also makes a difference as to how easily the snow melts. Generally speaking, snow isn’t much of an issue because it thaws and melts away.

Ice buildup is more of a concern, and it can affect your panels’ integrity. To prevent damage, speak with a professional solar panel maintenance company about the steps you should take.

Put Your Safety First

As with any situation that requires being up on the roof, always consider your personal safety when cleaning off your solar panels. If you notice that something is wrong, whether it’s a buildup of ice or electrical problems, don’t attempt the repairs on your own. Solar systems are tied to the electrical grid and can be hazardous. Only trained technicians should provide solar panel repairs.

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