People. Planet. Profit.

The opportunity is bright with solar.

Suntuity Solar is part of Suntuity Group, one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in the US and abroad. Our values and profitable growth are fueled by sustainable and ethical business practices and a key focus on exceptional customer service.

The Suntuity Solar team is driven by the need to make a difference in the lives of everyone we meet. We truly believe that profits are merely a side effect of success, which is measurable by our ability to build trust amongst our colleagues, partners, and customers each and every day.

Why We’re Different

We’re passionate about our contribution to a world that utilizes an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source. For every system we install we make a donation to Suntuity Foundation, our not-for-profit organization that brings solar energy to the less fortunate.

  • Sustainable Business Practices

    We leverage sustainable business practices and technology solutions around the globe. Our mantra is “People | Planet | Profit” ─ in order of importance ─ and they all play an integral role in our business strategy.

  • Building Trust

    We work with our customers and business partners to ensure an inclusive solar culture that thrives off trust, respect, and dignity. We’re committed both internally and externally to conduct ethical operations and always provide an optimal experience for anyone who works with Suntuity Solar.

  • Innovation

    By leveraging our access to the most advanced technologies the solar industry has to offer, we continually push innovative boundaries to increase energy efficiency and system performance. The proper equipment helps maximize your solar offset and monthly savings.

  • Diversity & Teamwork

    One of our most significant assets that plays a big role in our company culture is diversity in the workplace. Our team is comprised of professionals from various background and skill sets, which allows us to serve a multicultural customer base.

We’re committed to building a better future with you.

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