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How the NJ Seasons Affect Your Solar Panels

There is never a dull day in New Jersey! With all four seasons to enjoy, a single year brings us snow, rain, winds, and everything in between. As beautiful as the seasons are, the changing weather conditions place added stress on our homes. For those with solar panels installed, a...


Solar Power NJ: Be the change you want to see.

Solar Power in New Jersey Climate change, the most severe environmental threat on a global level, has risked lives and the overall well-being of the world’s ecosystem. Coastal states like New Jersey have seen a dramatic increase in rising sea levels, severe hurricanes, out-of-season storms and a rise in temperatures...


Decoding “Free” in the solar sales pitch

‘Free solar power’ is the most rampantly used marketing technique to entice customers and push the sales envelope. Some have got lured by these freebies and unfortunately landed with dubious solar contracts. “Free” solar power for your home sounds great, but how does it work or does it work the...


Financing for Home Solar Systems in New Jersey

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar  now powers more than 371,251 homes in New Jersey. The total cost to install solar panels, which was once limited to affluent consumers and environmentalists, is more affordable than ever before. The ease and affordability of the installation helps homeowners save...


Suntuity Solar launches, a fundraising solar program for not-for-profits with an initial launch for its New Jersey solar customers

Press release published by Suntuity Solar Holmdel, NJ. 6 July 2017: Suntuity Solar’s New Jersey solar division announced today the launch of, a not-for-profit solar fundraising website that assists community organizations throughout the State of New Jersey to benefit from the expansion of solar power in the community. The mission...


Suntuity Solar expands Residential Solar Services into Massachusetts

Press release published by Suntuity Solar Westfield, MA. 20 August 2015: Suntuity Solar is pleased to announce the commencement of Residential sales and installation services in the U.S. State of Massachusetts. Unlike most other large solar providers, Suntuity Solar is not tied down to any specific finance or technology product. Its...


Suntuity partners with Kohler Power Systems to incorporate standby power with its residential solar systems

Press release published by Suntuity Solar Holmdel, NJ. 9 January, 2012: Suntuity is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Kohler Power Generation Systems for the sale and service of residential and light commercial standby generator systems in the U.S. north-east. Suntuity is proud to be one of the first...