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    Solar energy lowers your monthly electric bill and dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

    Find out if your home qualifies for long term price protection from rising utility rates with our $0 down solar program.

Find out why Alda thinks we're amazing and the best solar provider available in her home state of NJ.
The Benefits of Choosing Solar
  • • Drastically reduce your monthly energy bill and achieve long term price protection from rising utility rates. Most agreements are $0 out-of-pocket, so all you have to do is enjoy the savings.
  • • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and help slow climate change. Do you part in reducing your carbon footprint with home solar – future generations will thank you.
  • • Federal and state incentives have made the switch to solar easier and more affordable than ever before. Consult one of our Solar Experts about what financial benefits are available to you.
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Rose & Chris are saving upwards of $200 per month with solar panels. Find out how much you’ll be able to save!

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Zero upfront costs

We offer zero upfront costs in all of the states we operate ─ and in most cases, you won’t ever have to pay anything out-of-pocket, depending on the financial agreement you choose. All you’ll have to pay is a lower electricity bill.


Long term price protection

The Energy Information Administration ( reports that utility rates are rising year over year. Luckily, Suntuity Solar provides price protection throughout the length of your solar agreement. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing your rates will never spike – it’s much more valuable than you may realize.

Free Consultation & Program Enrollment

You can complete a quick and easy in-home consultation with one of our Solar Experts after pre-qualifying over the phone. There is absolutely no obligation – just the opportunity for savings.


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Fill out the quick form below so that we can determine if your home is eligible for our affordable Solar Program. You could end up saving 30%* or more on your monthly bill with a hassle-free process.

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