Suntuity Solar is redefining how you use energy

Energy solutions for your home

Suntuity Solar’s energy services provides our customers with unlimited technical support from rooftop and ground mount solar design, engineering, installation, system monitoring, and energy storage.

Residential Solar Installation

We have been procuring, installing, activating, and maintaining solar energy systems since 2008 with a consistently innovative approach to the most advanced technology and support available.

Energy Storage

Bring your home further into the future with a reliable energy storage system to support you during a power outage. With a robust battery backup solution, we’ll be able to customize storage to fit your home’s energy needs when the lights go out.

Storage as a Service

If you already have a solar system installed, we can still increase your power savings with reliable, uninterrupted power despite any weather conditions — it doesn’t matter if you lease the system or own it.

We’ve got you covered every step of the way

Program Enrollment

We’ll educate you on the benefits of our $0 down solar program. Following enrollment, we’ll handle all of the paperwork and logistics that you’ll need to make the switch.

Site Assessment & Design

After completing a site assessment of your home to capture necessary measurements, our in-house team will custom design a system that will meet your energy needs and maximize your monthly savings.

Permitting, Installation, & Inspection

We’ll process all of your permitting paperwork, personally install your panels, and work directly with your township to conduct a successful inspection of your project.

Activation & Maintenance

Once your system passes inspection, we’ll activate your system for you and you’ll start generating cleaner electricity. Worry-free maintenance and monitoring of the system is built into your solar agreement, so we’ll identify and fix any issues that arise.

Financing Options

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

As the most widely used $0 down financing option, PPAs allow you to pay solely for the solar power that you produce with no upfront cost and price predictability throughout the length of your solar agreement.

Solar Lease

Another $0 down option, lease agreements offer a fixed monthly rate for the solar energy your home produces and will never fluctuate. You’ll know what you’re paying today, tomorrow, and for the next 20 years.

Self-Financing Solar Loans

If you’d like to own your solar system, Suntuity Solar offers $0 down loan payment options which will allow you to take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit.

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