Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service

Already have residential solar panels installed on your roof or property but interested in energy storage? Suntuity Solar can still help you regardless of whether you own the solar system or lease it. You’ll be able to operate autonomously from the grid so that your lights stay on during a power loss. If any of your solar friends, family or neighbors are interested in energy storage, we can assist them as well.

With storage as a service, you’ll always have continuous power flowing through your home in any capacity that you choose ─ even when there is no solar power coming from the grid. Any energy that your system overproduces will be stored and ready for use whenever you need it so you’ll always enjoy reliable, uninterrupted power despite any weather conditions.

Benefits of choosing storage as a service


Complete energy independence without relying on the grid

Stability and reliability in remote locations

For incredibly remote homes, you will no longer have to worry about intermittent power supply

Avoid cost increases

Avoid increasing standby backup generator costs

Time reduction

Reduction in time of use and demand costs

Your Solar Consultant will review the additional energy options and solar incentives that are available in your area, and can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process.

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